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WAPRO ERP are a modern systems that closely cooperate with each other, creating systematically growing ecosystem. Their goal is to support development of Polish companies, increasing their competitiveness and effectiveness.

By choosing WAPRO ERP software every client can join the entrepreneur group that uses the latest IT solutions in management.

WAPRO ERP programs are a set of applications for managing small and medium companies, supporting work of sales, financial and accounting departments as well as mobile workforce. WAPRO ERP software can be used in any line of business, our systems are simple to install, easy to configure and user-friendly. Programs are constantly being developed and improved for ever-increasing needs of our clients in order to provide up-to-date tools for management of modern company.

WAPRO ERP systems are available in product lines designed for different business sizes. The lines vary in number of modules and functionality. Beginning work with WAPRO START line it is easy to migrate (along with company’s growth) to BUSINESS line which have more functionalities or the most complex PRESTIGE line that have analytical capabilities. Product lines allows to choose the most adequate management suite in accordance with company’s size and needs.

Along with company’s growth there are options to increase programs functionality, upgrade to more advanced product line or to expand currently used WAPRO ERP system by purchasing license for more users. Programs that were thus far run on individual stations can be expanded (depending on the new needs), so that by cooperating with each other they will create complex business management system.

WAPRO ERP programs allows to protect data against unauthorized access by setting up passwords and user ID’s. Applications are equipped with data control and auto-correction module and mechanism creating compressed backup files.